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raph all you can know blog

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raph all you can know blog

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Two simple rules that have changed my bloger life

Blog success Tips

Last few months, I've been experimenting and learned a lot about how to have a successful blog, I have invested lots of time trying diverse blogging technics. I have spent lots of time reading online to find what great blogs where made of. Ironically every thing I had learned in my beginnings, which where thought as the traditional blogging technics, I had set those aside thinking they weren't important. But, they turned out to be what made the difference, when nothing seemed to work, I wasn't getting any traffic, so  I decided to respect them.  I was thinking that maybe I could be able to find easy ways around such as blog writing service or simply RSS copy blogging (RSS to blog post), from great blogs, in my niche. I also tried simply producing good content and forgetting about SEO, back backlinking, headers, image alt text and all that stuff, and wished traffic would appear magically, for my Adsense ads to produce money without me even worrying about my blog, I was kind of willing for an autopilot money making blog. But it turned out it couldn't work because google would notice it was copied content and rank me very low in google, and if it was buying content on internet, it wasn't quality content, it hadn't that personal feel that people where looking for, there wasn't that extra mile that only I could deliver. There are so many blogs out, there that you have to go the extra mile to get noticed in, this saturated blogging universe. There are so many posts out there that can learn you Seo, back linking, etc. But I have figured out they are always missing two simple blogging rules that changed it all for me.

        1. Build a trusting bond between the you and the reader

The major guide lines that I have learned the hard way, are mainly to find a blog niche in which you are passionate, for you must not blog for money, but blog because you are passionate and normally if you succeed in doing so, money will come on it's own. Be truthful with your followers, inverts your whole personality into your blog, make it emanate from your blog, put your name everywhere you can, and always talk in your personal name. Doing so, will not only brand your name, but this will, create a trusting bond between the reader and you, which will make the difference between the one time reader, and the faithful reader. Internet has become an impersonal place and people are looking for great people to trust on. 

       2. Don't blog for money... Make great content!

I have found that the best way of making money online, is not to make content only for it to be seo friendly, trying to stack keyword over keyword, even though you have to worry about SEO, but concentrate on your content, you must always bring something new that others haven't thought of, people will stick to places where they find quality content that they can rely on. I find it difficult to understand the logic behind Adsense, if your content is only created for your Adsense ads, I you are tied down and can't build the quality content you aspire to, because you are always looking for high priced Adsense keywords. You should have all the freedom that you want to write what you want and make money based on the quality of your content, so if Adsense isn't working for you, find other ways to monatise your blog, Adsense alternatives, and keep reaching out for great readers. I hope I have missed something about Adsense, but for now, I think you shouldn't worry about high priced keywords, and if Adsense doesn't make enough money for you, be ingenious, find affiliates that will support your great content. Your content is premium to your revenues, this is a longterm sacrifice you won't regret.

Never forget you have to become a guru within your niche, don't look for short cuts, for they will only slow you down.

Monday, January 14, 2013

La Manif Pour Tous - En images

papa + maman: y a pas mieux pour un enfant

Jospin reviens, ils sont devenus fous!

Paris 13 janvier 2013

Manif pour tous 13 janvier 2013

tous nés d'un homme et d'une femme, non au projet de loi mariage pour tous

Mariage homosexuel

On veut du Sexe, pas du genre

projet de loi mariage homosexuel

non au projet de loi mariage pour tous

mariage homosexuellenon au projet de loi francois hollande

 Avant d'utiliser ces images prises a la manif pour tous le 13 janvier 2013, suite au projet de loi du mariage pour tous, mariage homosexuelle, SVP me contacter sur Google+